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What you’ll need to start a powder coating business

Powder coating is an enjoyable and rewarding industry to be involved with for anyone with vital entrepreneurial energy or a deep interest in chemistry. Have you ever wondered what equipment you will need to get started? Well, here’s a general overview. Pre-treatment ovens To deliver the very best finish for your metal substrate, you will […]

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How the Spray Save system can cut your operating expenses

At a time when inflation is causing production and manufacturing costs to spiral, you need a solution within your metal finishing process that can help ease some of the financial outlay. Alongside the cost of raw materials and labour, the spike in energy prices is reducing margins and causing a profit contraction, but PB has […]

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The main benefits of powder coating metal

Powder coating is a widely used technique for dry finishing metal. It delivers an excellent lasting finish to metal substrates for various applications. The process requires a complex mix of levelling agents, pigments, additives and flow modifiers that are heated, combined and left to cool and then ground into a powder. What are the main […]

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Five recent inventions in the metal finishing industry

The global metal finishing industry was worth an estimated £74 billion in 2020 and is set to grow further until 2026, thanks partly to recent market inventions. We will review five innovations that help make the global metal finishing industry more practical, sustainable and cost-effective. Hydrophobic and Hydrophilic metal finishing The hydrophobic and hydrophilic metal […]

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Why is a metal finishing crucial for specific products?

Multiple industries rely on the process of metal finishing producing products that are practical, aesthetically pleasing and without any burrs or defects. Across the computer, aerospace and electrical markets, you will encounter countless examples of parts or items that use metal finishing. How metal finishing works The metal finishing method is the end of the […]

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What is metal finishing and who uses it?

Metal finishing is a process that applies a thin coating of material, metal or paint, to the surface of an object such as screws, tools or even some household items. The primary aim of metal finishing is to afford these products and tools a prolonged and more effective lifespan, a considerable reduction in the amount […]

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Selecting a Metal Finishing Solution

When you are looking for an effective metal finishing operation, you might want to consider powder coating. There are, however, several different methods for powder coating so selecting which one is appropriate for your business and the properties of the metal you are coating can be challenging. Employing the advice and guidance of professional metal […]

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Why powder coating booths require regular maintenance

There is a wide variety of powder coating booths you can use for a multitude of applications. Still, they all have one thing in common – they need regular maintenance and cleaning. Whether you’re operating batch filter booths or dry filter booths, to get the maximum out of your system, it needs to be in […]

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Which materials can be powder coated?

Powder coating is an excellent method of coating many different types of material with paint and is used in many varying industries around Birmingham. It can deliver an outstanding and long-lasting finish so long as the material you’re coating can endure the high temperature. Metal is by far the most common powder-coated material. Still, you […]

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