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Stripping Tanks

At PB Metal Finishing Systems we have the capability, expertise and knowledge to design, manufacture and install all types of stripping tanks across the West Midlands, including Birmingham, Wolverhampton and Tipton. We construct all stripping tanks using only the highest quality steel to meet all relevant regulations and user requirements and provide a maintenance service to keep your stripping tank in excellent working order.

All types of stripping tank for all applications

For clients across Birmingham, Tipton, Wolverhampton and the entirety of the West Midlands we can produce a stripping tank to meet all applications for removing chemicals or paint from metal substrates:

Cold Tanks: A cold stripping tank is a widely recognised method of stripping coatings from surfaces, usually employing methylene chloride. Cold tanks are fast-acting and thorough.

Hot Tanks: Hot stripping tanks are a safe and long-standing process for stripping paint or other surface coatings from metal. We can manufacture them for use with either acid, water or alkaline stripping solutions.

Tank Features

We can design tanks to incorporate many useful features for any application, including multiple lids and filters to capture surface coating residue. Bespoke wheel baskets and crane and gantry systems are also possible depending on your needs.

Here to provide tailor-made, cost-effective solutions

Our primary aim at PB is to give our customers the most effective stripping solution for their business or requirement. Whatever your need, we can arrange a formal consultation to propose a stripping system to suit. So if you own a business in the Birmingham, Tipton, Wolverhampton or anywhere across the West Midlands, contact us to learn how we can help find a productive stripping solution for you.