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Conveyor Systems

Here at PB Metal Finishing Engineers, we’re dedicated to helping businesses make the most of the latest progress in conveyor design. We work closely with a number of leading conveyor systems manufacturers, allowing us to find you the best conveyor systems on the market to meet all your specifications. As well as being leading suppliers of conveyor systems, here at PB Metal Finishing Engineers offer a wide range of installation, servicing and breakdown services, as well as spares for the majority of overhead and belt conveyor systems.

Whatever you need, the team at PB Metal Finishing Engineers are on hand to help you make the best choice for your business needs.

We Offer A Variety Of Conveyor Systems For You To Choose From

With modular track components and bolted designed for quick installations without the need for welding, all our conveyor systems are designed with infinite possibilities for overhead material handling:

Enclosed Track Overhead Conveyor – a medium capacity chain with compact design for use in small spaces.

Power and Free Overhead Conveyor – features multiple compact and enclosed track conveyors the can be utilised slot up or down.

High Capacity Overhead Conveyor – hold up to 220lbs from a single pendant with a high capacity conveyor. A large track cross-section adds extra stability for carrying heavy loads.

Overhead I-beam Trolley Conveyor – Compared to other models, this has the smallest cost to pound ratio. Suitable for long term and rugged use, offering flexibility and no need for tools during set-up.


Why Choose PB Metal Finishing Engineers For Your Conveyor Systems?

PB Metal Finishing Engineers understands just how important it is to have a conveyor belt you can rely on for all your company needs. Our experienced and passionate team will work with you and various conveyor systems manufacturers to ensure your system meets all your expectations and all industry regulations.

For a high quality conveyor system and dedicated customer service, PB Metal Finishing Engineers is here to help you make the best choice.