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Paint Spray & Powder Coating Booths

PB Metal Finishing Engineers Ltd cater for a range of paint spray and powder coating booth requirements. We design, manufacture and install all types of powder coating equipment -tailored to your specific needs.

Our Spray Save system has received much acclaim from the industry for innovation and has received the award for 2012 as the most innovative energy saving system on a powder coating plant.

Paint Spray Booth Manufacturers

Our analytic approach to paint spray booths ensures we supply a solution that fits your production requirements. Our engineering/ technology allows us to deliver a high quality, cost effective product to exceed your expectations. From open fronted paint spray booths to enclosed ones, we have designs to suit all budgets and our systems use state of the art technology to reduce your energy bills.

The Problem

The majority of finishing plants that carry out pre-treatment and power stoving ovens are gas heated and the highest energy consuming part is the heating of pre-treatment tanks.

Here at PB we have designed, manufactured and installed over 100 paint finishing plants and from our experience we know how much energy is required and wasted during the whole metal finishing process.

The Solution

We have developed a heat exchanger system that utilises the vacant space in ovens that isn’t being used. The contents of the Pre-treatment tank solution is pumped from the tank through our Spray Save system heat exchanger and back into the tank.

The velocity of the solutions and size of the spray save system are important and we have found that our system can achieve a high degree of heat transfer through the system.

In the first system we installed we monitored the gas usage on the stoving oven before and after the installation and found no increase whatsoever on the gas levels for the oven. That first installation had no heating in their tanks at all!

Every system to date that we have installed surpasses the estimate of savings we suggest can be made.

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    How It Works

    The spray save system comprises of a close coupled pumping system that is fully valved and controlled complete with non-return valves.

    Solution is taken at a low level from the tank thereby circulating the coldest area of the tank and also keeping the solution in movement and is then pumped through the stainless steel schedule 10 fully welded and tested heat exchanger. The return of the solution is passed back to the process tank continuously.

    The system has its own control stats and also interlocks with the main oven when firing. Normal practice is that the tank burner is switched on to power up the tank with the ovens being switched on at the same time.

    Then at every pass of the heat exchanger the solution picks up excess heat and within a short period the exchanger takes over the heating process.

    Normal run rates without the exchanger are approximately 6.5 hours per shift, this reduces to 1.5 hours per shift.

    Therefore is your tank burner is a 450 kw burner running on an 8 hour shift, costing £0.04p per kw of gas per hour, your savings per annum would amount to £21,000.00!


    We don’t suggest to remove the existing burners on the tanks as the initial heat up using the burner and oven is quicker than just using the oven. However once heated to the temperature required the rate of usage of gas drops from 65% demand (of the max rate of the burner) down to 6%, thus providing an energy saving of 90% in gas costs!


    Prior to installation we carry out a complete site survey for every client to determine the exact demands and size requirements. Upon completion an accurate, full quotation can be offered.

    On average the payback is approximately 54 days, depending on the amount of hours run.

    We design, manufacture and install all types of powder coating equipment tailored to your specific requirements. Should you be looking for a new system then we cannot recommend our Spray Save system enough – to substantially lower the operating costs of your plant.

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