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Industrial powder coating ovens

Powder coating allows for a wide range of different finishes, so commercial customers need a unique approach to powder coating oven design. At PB Metal Finishing, our modular design approach to curing ovens enables us to meet any application for any industry.

The type of ovens we supply

We provide standard smaller ovens or tailor-made industrial curing ovens in either a production conveyor or conventional batch design. Our knowledge, expertise and modular design approach mean we can manufacture commercial powder coating ovens of any size or shape.

What is powder coating?

Powder coating is an efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to using solvent-based paints to coat metal. The colour is applied to the metal substrate as powder and is then electrostatically charged to bond the powder to the metal before heating the powder for a smooth finish in a curing oven.

Powder Coating Booth

The benefits of powder coating finishes

Metal that is powder coated and cured to a smooth finish in an oven has many benefits, including:

  • Excellent protection against corrosion and scratches
  • Durable with a high-quality colour finish that is fade resistant
  • Economical as the powder is recoverable after use, whereas significant amounts of liquid paint are lost
  • A thicker and more consistent layer of finish
  • Non-toxic

Exceptional customer service

We work alongside our clients to deliver the exact type of industrial powder coating oven you require. We will arrange a visit to your premises to understand your needs before submitting a design and quotation. We have vast experience in fabricating and installing ovens for commercial customers for jobs of all sizes. Contact our friendly team today to start your enquiry.