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Sub Contract Manufacturing

We offer sub-contract manufacturing to our customers who require metal finishing products and bespoke designs via our manufacturing expertise. Whether you need custom made solutions or tailored specifications, call us today with your requirements, and we will provide high quality workmanship with fast turn arounds, at an affordable price.

Sub Contract Manufacturing


Our sub-contract manufacturing allows you to outsource your request to us, while you focus on your core business and we provide our manufacturing specialisation. Whether you require one-off orders, regular production, unusual specifications or requirements, we are always happy to work with you to meet your needs.

Benefits of Sub-Contract Manufacturing from PB Metal Finishing Engineers:

  • Time saving and flexible service
  • Save money on expensive equipment by sub-contracting
  • Fill in gaps in skills and expertise
  • Bespoke designs available
  • Fast turn-around times
  • High specification workmanship
  • Highly skilled and experienced workforce
  • Fully insured and guaranteed
  • Very competitive prices
  • Free quotations
  • All steel related products – such as sheet steel manufacturing, 3m brake press, plasma cutting.

Great Customer Relationship

Over the years we have built up a great relationship with our customers, by providing a reliable and trusted service. We will get to know your business requirements and work alongside you to provide sub-contract manufacturing to meet your exact demands.

Contact us

Call us today with your specifications and we will provide you with a very affordable quotation to meet your metal finishing sub-contract manufacturing requirements.