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Plant Service, Maintenance & Repair

As well as manufacturing and supplying new finishing plant, our company service and spares division specialise in the upkeep of all types of powder coating plant. We respond to call outs for all types of finishing for servicing, breakdown repairs and general maintenance.

Not only do we have complete design and fabrication resources at PB we offer a thorough onsite installation and support service. As we supply finishing systems around the globe our commissioning employees are able to travel anywhere in the world to offer you complete support.

We have years of experience and knowledge in all areas of the finishing industry from metal coating plant management to thorough safety procedures. This allows us to provide expert, top-quality support for any type of powder coating equipment.

Planned Maintenance

Establishing a regular servicing order with us will enable you to have your entire inventory of equipment to be maintained and checked regularly, giving you peace of mind that your installation will stay up and running. This way having to organise and remember it annually will be a thing of the past. We even complete all of the necessary paperwork and complete all the work ourselves, leaving you to just file reports.

The gas safety act of 1998, part F sections 35 and 36, to be precise, and health & safety at work act 1976/1998 require the employer to designate an individual to maintain all gas powered equipment and ensure it is operated safely annually.

Our service orders also cover this legislation while giving you the extra service of breakdown cover that is available on a 24 hour basis, normally we respond to call callouts within 3 hours.

We also work flexibly to suit your schedule, we will inform you of any maintenance visits 3-4 weeks in advance so that they can be fitted in around your plans.

Summary Of Our Services:

  • Servicing, Breakdown Callouts, Spares & Repairs
  • Plant Modifications
  • Plant Commissioning
  • Site Wiring, Control Panels, PLC Controls
  • Gas Installations
  • New Installations
  • COSHH Testing, Gas Analysis, 16th Wiring
  • Plant Layouts (AutoCAD 2007/3D)
  • Plant Evaluations & Consultancy
  • VSD & CCL Testing & Evaluations
  • Burn Off Testing
  • Relocations
  • Extensions & Modifications
  • Full support for all equipment


As we are an well established servicing company, we can provide accurate and precise repairs or calibrations on any type of metal finishing apparatus. All calibrations we make are traceable, giving you peace of mind in our services.


The regulations of the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) require every extract system to be tested after every 14 month period.

General Information

PB also provide a complete breakdown support and problem fixing service covering all metal finishing equipment, process apparatus, gas pipes, curing ovens and control panels to name a few.

We aim to respond to all callouts the same day and for leaks in any gas systems our closest expert should be with you between 2-4 hours.


Our engineers can complete commissioning on site for any type of metal finishing equipment, for both manufacturers and installers. We also conduct testing and purging of internally based gas mains and can issue pass certificates upon completion.

We can also perform gas conformity tests, gas isolation and interlocking with extraction systems to comply with BS6173 through to full gas proving and integrity checking including water and electric isolation.

Installation Work

All of our installation work is completed by our own expert engineers who have full training, years of experience and proper certification in their particular area of expertise. We cover many trades from pipe fitters to welders, electricians and service engineers.


We have a thorough supply of spare parts for all types of finishing equipment. As parts have a limited lifespan and because of power requirements and costs some parts need replacing or servicing to enable them to operate at optimum efficiency.

If you don’t ensure such parts are checked routinely you risk violating breakdown legislation which can lead to lost time and unexpected costs.

We will not only help advise spares required for your system, to minimise your breakdowns but also carry a full stock list of metal finishing plant parts, consumables and spares, all parts are on a same day/next day delivery schedule. Please phone for a full listing.

We aim to respond to all breakdown calls within a 2-4 hour period, dependent on situation & distance.