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What you’ll need to start a powder coating business

Powder coating is an enjoyable and rewarding industry to be involved with for anyone with vital entrepreneurial energy or a deep interest in chemistry. Have you ever wondered what equipment you will need to get started? Well, here’s a general overview.

Pre-treatment ovens

To deliver the very best finish for your metal substrate, you will need a pre-treatment oven to remove all the dirt and oil that accumulates. It will enable the powder to adhere effortlessly to the surface, and the type of oven you require will depend on the item you are coating.

Powder coatings

There’s a plethora of powder colours with varying characteristics. Again, the powders you use largely depend on the substrate that needs coating, so if unsure, it’s best to seek expert advice.

Powder coating gun and spray booth

When you select your powder, you will need a powder coating gun. There are various gun systems, from hobby guns to multi-gun automatic systems. The gun system you require will be driven by the type and volume of the metal you are coating. Next, you’ll need to install a spray booth to stop things from getting messy. The two generic spray booths are recovery and non-recovery. Recovery booths allow the user to collect the excess powder after spraying, whereas non-recovery ‘spray to waste’ booths do not.

Curing ovens, hooks and racks

Finally, once you have covered the substrate with the powder, you must cure it in a powder coating oven. These range from infrared to convection ovens and differ vastly in size and cost. They will also need kitting out with some hooks and racks to hold your metal in place.

Talk to a team with expertise and experience

If you want to start your own powder coating business, here at PB Metal Finishing, we deliver high-quality powder coating equipment and customised solutions to get your business off the ground and maintenance service to keep you running.