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How the Spray Save system can cut your operating expenses

At a time when inflation is causing production and manufacturing costs to spiral, you need a solution within your metal finishing process that can help ease some of the financial outlay. Alongside the cost of raw materials and labour, the spike in energy prices is reducing margins and causing a profit contraction, but PB has a solution for the metal finishing industry. Our Spray Save system reduces the energy required to heat the pre-treatment tanks used in finishing plants. So, how does it work?

The innovation behind Spray Save

Pre-treatment is a critical stage in pursuing an exceptional finish for metal products. However, the initial heating to remove oils and contaminants and the subsequent drying after rinsing can use and waste a lot of energy. That’s why we developed the Spray Save heat exchanger. In essence, the Spray Save takes the colder, low-level detergent and phosphate solution used for cleaning and keeps it in perpetual motion. Each time it passes through the heat exchanger, the solution warms and reduces the running time of your oven burner. The Spray Save system has independent control stats linked to the main burner. As the solution warms, the heat exchanger begins to control the heating alone.

The benefits

The Spray Save system reduces the run time of your burner significantly. Typically, a six and half hour run will reduce to ninety minutes resulting in a ninety per cent drop in gas usage. When metal finishing companies are feeling the pinch, Spray Save can significantly decrease the operating costs of your plant. The average payback is around fifty-four days, depending on usage, which we can assess during a thorough site survey before quotation. Contact our team today to learn more about the Spray Save system.