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The main benefits of powder coating metal

Powder coating is a widely used technique for dry finishing metal. It delivers an excellent lasting finish to metal substrates for various applications. The process requires a complex mix of levelling agents, pigments, additives and flow modifiers that are heated, combined and left to cool and then ground into a powder.

What are the main benefits of powder coating?

There are several highly beneficial effects of using powder coating to finish metal, including:

  • Increased lifespan – powder coating can protect metal surfaces for a very long time. The chemical bonds that form when the powder cures create a highly resistant finish to heat, corrosion, and weather.
  • Quality finish – The powder coating technique is noted for its ability to create a smooth and seamless finish through the thermal bonding in the curing stage. It makes powder coating an ideal method for finishing metal in a decorative style and a much cleaner finishing method than paint.
  • Environmentally compliant – Powder coating doesn’t require the use of any solvents during the process making environmental compliance easy to achieve. There are no carcinogens produced during the process, making it a very safe technique for trained engineers to undertake.
  • Efficiency – During the process, powder particles are charged and applied to the metal with an electrostatic spray before being cured. The particles then self-level while curing to create an even finish that reduces wastage and delivers a highly efficient technique.

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