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Why powder coating booths require regular maintenance

There is a wide variety of powder coating booths you can use for a multitude of applications. Still, they all have one thing in common – they need regular maintenance and cleaning. Whether you’re operating batch filter booths or dry filter booths, to get the maximum out of your system, it needs to be in good working order.

Powder Coating Booths

Working benefits

When your powder coating system is in good condition and working efficiently, your production levels will remain high. However, without regular maintenance, your machinery will likely operate less efficiently, which will result in higher energy bills and possible decreases in production.

Catch problems early

Another critical aspect of maintaining powder coating booths is it allows professionals to spot problems early. The detection of deteriorating parts in advance means they can be replaced quickly to minimise the risk of breakdown. Having a system offline because of part failure will prove more expensive than paying for regular maintenance.

You’re obliged to by law

Under the Gas and Safety Act, 1998 and the Health and Safety at Work Act 1998, any machinery that is powered by gas must have an annual service to comply with the regulations. Failure to do so could land you in trouble.

Our maintenance service

We have a team of genuinely expert engineers who all have vast experience within the powder coating industry in Birmingham, UK and all across the world. In the event of an emergency call-out, we aim to be at your side within three hours. For annual maintenance of powder coating booths, we can arrange it for a time of your convenience, and send a reminder three to four weeks beforehand.