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Which materials can be powder coated?

Powder coating is an excellent method of coating many different types of material with paint and is used in many varying industries around Birmingham. It can deliver an outstanding and long-lasting finish so long as the material you’re coating can endure the high temperature. Metal is by far the most common powder-coated material. Still, you can apply paint to glass, plastics, composites, wood and MDF using the powder coating technique.

So how does it work?

Metal is a fantastic conductor of electricity, so after pre-treatment, it is injected with a positive charge via a current from an electrode. The powder used for coating is negatively charged so when sprayed onto the metal, the negatively charged particles move away from each other and adhere to the metal evenly.

How do you coat materials that aren’t conductive?

If you attempted to apply paint to plastic or glass with the powder coating method, it would fall straight off. Therefore, to overcome this problem, you need to heat the material first. At this juncture, it’s essential to understand the melting point of the material you’re trying to coat; otherwise it could melt. When the preheating finishes, remove the object and spray on the powder before cooling. The heat from the oven melts the powder on contact, causing it to stick.

Powder Coating

What type of common item is powder coated?

If you look around your home, you will see all manner of items that get their flawless finish from powder coating. Items like your fridge, kettle and blender – all prevalent in shops around Birmingham. Powder coating is an essential technique for delivering high-quality finishes on everyday items. If you are based in the Birmingham area and have a requirement for innovative powder coating systems, speak to a member of our team in Birmingham.