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Key Advantages of Spray Save Finishing Systems

PB Metal Finishing Engineers are the pioneers in providing the best and most advanced equipment for powder coating in the industry. We can also provide maintenance for such equipment to their clients through their maintenance contracts.

The best part about PB Metals is that we can provide equipment that meets your individual needs, so, whether you require a complete set up or only need a part, you can get it here. Years of experience and knowledge, coupled with flexibility, allows us to take up all kinds of installations.

Why choose PB Metals?
In line with the modern and state-of-the-art thought at PB, they have enrolled the Spray Save system, which has gathered much acclaim from the industry. It employs a very innovative approach and has also been awarded as the most innovative energy-saving system. It has also addressed a major problem that manufacturers in a similar field had been facing.

Why is Spray Save Finishing System better?
Majority of the finishing plants which carry out power-saving and pre-treatment ovens that are heated by gas and which consume a lot of energy. This is especially true for the heating of the pre-treatment tanks where the highest energy consumption happens. At PB, we have designed and installed over 100 paint finishing plants. Our years of experience has helped us in identifying the areas where most energy is wasted and where there is scope for conservation.

We have developed a heat exchanger system that makes use of the vacant space in ovens. The pre-treatment tank contents are pushed from the tank via the spray save heat exchanger system, which is then later sent back to the tank. The spray system comes with its own set of control statistics and also gets interlocked with the primary oven at the time of firing.

This system works to the advantage that it reduces the usage of gas. The gas usage demand drops from 65% down to 6%. This provides the highest energy saving of around 90% in gas costs. Here at PB, we are committed to manufacturing of industrial equipment that makes our customers happy and increases the productivity of their plants. Contact us today for spray save finishing systems.