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An Introduction To Efficient Spray Save Systems

Most finishing plants across the UK that power-stove and pre-treat ovens are heated by gas, which means that they consume a lot of energy when there is a need to heat pre-treatment tanks. To save energy, the best way is to use a heat exchanger system that employs the vacant, unused space within the oven.

As a result, we have ended up designing, manufacturing and installing our very own unique and innovative heat exchanger system, which allows the content from the pre-treatment tank to be pumped through the tank via our heat exchange system. During the transfer, our system absorbs the heat, which can be recycled and used for the heating process. We call this system the Spray Save System heat exchanger.

How Does the Spray Save System Work?
The Spray Save System consists of a close-coupled pumping mechanism, with the system being entirely valved and controlled. The content from the pre-treatment tank is taken from a low level in the tank, which allows the solution to be circulated in the tank’s coldest area. It also helps to keep the solution moving. After taking the solution, it is pumped through a stainless steel heat exchange, so that the solution is returned to the process tank. This is a continuous system of intake and return.

Our Spray Save System comes with its own controls, but it also is interlocked with the main oven during firing. Under normal circumstances, the burners are switched on to heat the tank and the ovens are also turned on, simultaneously. As the content of the tank passes through the heat exchanger, excess heat is picked up; and within a short while, the exchanger accumulates enough heat to take over the heating process.

Using our Spray Save System, you can help reduce the run rate to 1.5 hours per shift, in contrast to the normal 6.5 hours that are needed without the exchanger. When you use our Spray Save System, you will be saving quite a lot on heat and gas consumption.

In 2012, we were felicitated for designing the most innovative powder coating plant energy-saving system. We have also received a lot of accolades from the industry for this unique and innovative system that can help powder-coating plants save a lot of money.

Contact us today to get the Spray Save System installed in your plant. Our highly trained and qualified technicians will conduct a thorough site survey and determine the size of the heat exchanger system that your plant needs.

Thereafter, we will provide you with an exact quotation. Once you install our Spray Save System, you can get the return on investment in about 54 days, depending on the number of hours you run it. Call us today to significantly lower your operating costs.