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The Importance of Powder Coating

Powder coating is an excellent dry finishing technique for providing a long-term, durable and quality finish to metal substrates. The ingredients include levelling agents, curatives, pigments and flow modifiers that are melt mixed and cooled before being crushed to a fine powder.

How Does It Work?
Powder coating is achieved by utilising the effects of magnetism and creating an electrostatic charge. When coating a substrate an electrode is applied to the metal which produces a positive charge in the metal. The spray gun contains a centralised rod which works to create a negative charge in the individual particles of powder. As these are ejected from the gun, the negative charge keeps them apart and the positive charge of the substrate attracts them to the surface of the metal electrostatically. Once an even finish has been achieved the substrates are then cured in high-temperature ovens to create a smooth and durable layer.

What Are the Benefits?
The primary benefit of using powder coating as a finishing method is for increased durability of the metal and a cleaner finish that with liquid paint. The seamless finish provided by powder coating protects against corrosion and means that it can also be used for decorative as well as practical purposes.

Another added benefit of powder coating is that it is free of any solvents meaning that it has no adverse towards the environment. It also emits no carcinogens making it much safer to use.

There is a myriad of applications for powder coating, and it is widely used on agricultural, automotive, appliance, architectural and electrical products.

Its clean finish makes it especially ideal for use on car parts and home appliances.

Service and Maintenance
PB Metal Finishing design and supply custom-made powder coating solutions to industry and as such, they understand the importance of servicing and maintaining machines and their constituent parts. Regularly servicing powder coating booths can minimise the risk of breakdown and prevent production from coming to a grinding halt.