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Need Help With Choosing Your Powder Coating System?

There a number of different systems for powder coating, but choosing the correct one for your business is the difficult part. Here at PB Metal Finishing Engineers we can help provide you with the best system for your purpose.

We offer cost effective solutions to cater for your business, whilst maintaining high quality end results. We can accommodate any size powder coating plant, whether you are a smaller company or a much larger firm.

Industrial Ovens
By being able to provide a range of ovens in different sizes and specifications we are able to tailor each piece to your needs. We are able to supply them as a conventional batch or a production conveyor based version. We are able to deliver;

• Drying ovens
• Industrial convention ovens (curing)
• Pre heated power gel and ramp ovens
• Infra-red curing

Powder Coating Booths
We offer booth spray and powder batch systems to suit all your needs. They are all conforming to all health and safety and industrial regulations. We can once again offer them in a variety of options and sizes.
• Batch Cartridge Booth
• Online Cartridge Booths
• Wet Spray (Dry Filter Booth)
• Water Wash Spray Booths

Pre Treatments
To be able to get a quality finish the pre- treatment must be carried out. All dirt, oils and contaminants must be removed and must then be treated with an iron phosphate or conversion coatings to avoid corrosion and encourage paint or powder adhesion.

• Continuous Spray
• Tunnel Type
• Immersion (dip Tanks)
• Batch Loaded Semi-Automatic Washers

Conveyor Systems
We want the system to work as a whole which is why we work closely with conveyor companies. We are able to assess which conveyor system is best suited to your requirements, taking into consideration space and budget. We can offer installation, breakdown, servicing and spares to most overhead and belt conveyor systems.

• Enclosed Track Overhead Conveyor
• Power and Free Overhead Conveyor
• High Capacity Overhead Conveyor
• Overhead I-Beam trolley Conveyor

So if you need a powder coating system to suit all of your requirements, then we here at PB Metal Finishing Engineers can help. Visit our website or for more information contact us via our online form.