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Global Powder Coatings Market Set to Grow Considerably

Powder coatings have for a long time been used in the construction, automotive and manufacturing industries, and according to a study carried out by Grand View Research, the demand for this product is set to rise even higher in the next six years. The research report indicates that by 2020, the powder coatings market will hit a $12.48 billion mark.

While there has been major competition between powder coatings and liquid coatings, the former has been established to discharge very small amounts of VOCs. This is one of the key reasons why its usage is expected to skyrocket in the coming years. The anticipated growth in different sectors including the automotive and consumer goods industries is also set to play a big part in the projected figures. Consumption of powder coatings by the consumer goods market was at 437 kilo tons last year. The demand for the same product in the furniture sector was not as high but even so, over 7.6% growth is expected in this industry between 2014 and 2020.

In 2013, Asia Pacific’s powder coatings consumption was above 900 kilo tons –the largest in the market – thanks to the high number of manufacturing facilities in China and India. This market is also estimated to encounter an 8.5% growth, a rate which will also be the fastest witnessed between this year and 2020. North America and Europe have been pointed out as the other major markets for powder coatings with the specific key players being PPG, BASF, Sherwin Williams, DuPont and AkzoNobel. Full details on the report by Grand View Research are available on their website.

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