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Need Help With Choosing Your Powder Coating System?

There a number of different systems for powder coating, but choosing the correct one for your business is the difficult part. Here at PB Metal Finishing Engineers we can help provide you with the best system for your purpose. We offer cost effective solutions to cater for your business, whilst maintaining high quality end results. […]

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Health and Safety in Powder Coating Plants

Working with powder coatings can be extremely hazardous and it is vital to take precautions for yourself and your employees. When you are putting together the health and safety policies for your plant there are a few main areas of risk that need consideration. Explosion and Fire Firing combustible powders through the air can be […]

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How Does Powder Coating Work?

Powder coating is an effective way of applying paint to metal objects such as machinery, cars and pipework with less mess than traditional wet paint methods. Powder coating provides a thick, durable covering with a near flawless finish. But how does it work? Powder coating is based around magnetism and the fact that a positive […]

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