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How to Improve Productivity in the Workplace

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For any business to be a success there is several essential things that every one of them needs. It’s really important to keep your staff happy and morale high, another vital element is productivity – it needs to be high and it needs to stay high. This means finding the most efficient way to run your business. Here at PB Metal Finishing Systems we can help you improve productivity in your powder coating plant.

Our spray save systems can not only improve productivity but also help you save a lot of energy in your business. Our systems are so energy efficient they have received an award this year for being the most energy saving systems to operate in a powder coating plant.

How It Works:

Most finishing plants that carry out pre-treatments and use power stoving ovens that are gas heated and consume a large amount of energy each time they are used. The majority of the energy is used during the heating of the pre-treatment tanks, which is why we have designed a heat exchanger system that makes use of the unused space in the oven, therefore saving a lot of energy which would otherwise be wasted.

Once the oven is heated to the required temperature, we’ve found that the rate of the usage of gas decreases from 65% right down to a meagre 6%, saving you a huge amount of energy and in turn, saving you money on your bills (around 90% to be precise).

How it Improves Productivity:

Normal run rates for a stoving oven without our heat exchanger is around 6.5 hours per shift, but with the exchanger it is dramatically reduced to 1.5 hours. Increasing productivity and speeding up your business by a significant amount.

If you would like to learn more about out spray save systems please don’t hesitate to get in touch, we’re always on hand to offer any advice or information.

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